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    The FREEDOM Pack - 
 1 WSO Skin Cream(60g), 1 Turmeric Skin Cream(70g), 2 Turmeric Cream with Foam Base(30g), 1 Vajradanti Paste(200g), 1 Vajradanti Tooth Powder(200g), 1 Narayani Pain Relief Cream(30g)

    The FREEDOM Pack

    The freedom pack the perfect pack to get rid of pimples, toothache, muscle and joint pain.
    MRP 797 | SRP(incl GST) : 700
    You Save : 97
Mega Combo - 
 2 Vajradanti Powder(200gm), 2 Vajradanti SF(100gm), 2 Narayani Cream(30gm), FREE- Turmeric Body Lotion(100gm)

Mega Combo

For a healthier you
Get this classic pack only for(incl GST): 624
Complete Care Combo - 
 1 Narayani Pain Relief Spray(45gm), 1 Vajradanti Tooth Powder(200gm), 1 Turmeric WSO Skin Cream(60gm), 1 Vajradanti Paste(150gm), 1 Turmeric Cream with Foambase(70gm), 3 Turmeric Cream in Shaving cream base(without sandalwood oil)(70gm), 1 Sugarfree Paste(100gm), 1 Turmeric Skin Cream(50gm), FREE - 1 Narayani cream(30gm), FREE- 1 WSO Skin Cream(15gm), FREE- 4 Turmeric Cream with Foambase(15gm)

Complete Care Combo

Pure care for whole family
Get this classic pack only for(incl GST): 1058
Festive Glow Kit -
 3 Turmeric Skin Cream(70gm), FREE- Turmeric Body Lotion(100gm)

Festive Glow Kit

Everlasting glow
Get this classic pack only for(incl GST): 615