Natural Best Combo for women

Natural Best Combo for women

Product Cost :   US 153.25 (INR 11000)
Products: Natural Best Combo for women
8 WSO cream(60gm), 6 Foam base facewash(70gm), 4 Vajradanti paste(200gm), 5 Narayani pain relief cream(30gm), 2 Vajradanti tooth powder(200gm)
Description: Be blessed with the best Ayurvedic and Nautural products that nature is offering you.

WSO Cream: Turmeric has a wonderfull versatile root and used since ancients as medicine. This WSO cream made up of turmeric vanishes all your skin problems and makes skin healthier . It prevents and cures skin infections, inflammation, blemishes, wounds Etc.

Vicco Turmeric Cream With Foam Base: Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam Base is an effective Ayurvedic medicine for facial skin care with microbial properties of turmeric. A Natural deep cleanser enhanced with turmeric extract-This helps the epidermis retain moisture while keeping the skin soft and supple.It helps to fight with pimples, blackheads, clogged pores and oily skin with every wash.

Vicco Vajradanti Paste: Vicco Vajradanti is successful remedy for pyorrhea, toothache, swollen, bleeding gums and other periodontal diseases.It has natural astringent, antiseptic, and analgesic properties. Vicco Vajradanti Paste is an Ayurvedic and natural paste made from 18 rare herb extracts for oral and dental care.

Vicco Narayani Cream: Its a Multi-purpose Ayurvedic Medicinal cream that treats all types of joint pains, backache, cold and cough naturally. It cures pain without any side-effects.

Vajradanti powder: To be stronger and mightier, your gums need a regular massage of Vicco Vajradanti powder. It strengthens your gums by allowing the ingredients from 18 rich herbs to percolate down the gum layers.

All Vicco products are Vegan and Halal certified.

Due to proven medicinal properties of its active ingredients, the Government has permitted manufacturing of Vicco products under Ayurvedic Drug License.

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