Vicco Vajradanti Saunf Flavour

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Vicco Vajradanti Saunf Flavour (160g)

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Vicco Vajradanti in Saunf flavour along with the benefit of 18 herbs and barks formulated with traditional Indian medicines. It is itself a supreme Ayurvedic medicine for gums and teeth. It cleans the teeth, refreshes the breath and prevents the gum diseases. It contains one of the most known ayurvedic herb vajradanti which actual means diamond teeth. It has got no artificial ingredients in it.

It is made from herbs, barks, roots and flowers. No artificial ingredients or refined sweeteners, no harsh abrasives fluoride are used. It just uses the best ingredients for dental care. When used immediately we can find that our breath feels good and leaves your mouth feeling fresh. It does not use any sugar as many of the commercial toothpaste is using.

Daily flossing and brushing are very important to avoid gum problems.
All Vicco products are Vegan and Cruelty-free.

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Weight 160 g

5 reviews for Vicco Vajradanti Saunf Flavour

  1. Rajendra kumar

    Now day’s I am seeing ads of your product on t.v with Alia bhat as model.
    Is there any necessasity for you to advertise your product. Your’s is best toothpaste of all available toothpastes. A person once uses vajradanthi will never goes to any other products. It is so good. I am the Example. I have used vajradanthi tooth paste for long years. For many people dental problems have been cured after they started to use vajradanthi
    More than ads you concentrate on marketing. In small places your product is not available.

  2. sharu

    best products

  3. Satyabrat

    I had been using vicco toothpaste.and cream for the last 40 years.
    I am disappointed to S3 Alia as brand ambassador
    Request you to switch to cleaner emage.

  4. Madhusudan Bhusari

    Excellent flavor .with aurvedic ingredients . for fresh and hygienic health .Go for it



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