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WSO Skin Cream

131.42 122.86


WSO Skin Cream

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131.42 122.86

WSO Skin Cream (60g)


Vicco Turmeric WSO consist of ingredient like Turmeric that prevents and cures skin Infection, this is safe to use and a top quality product that’ll give you the BEST results.
Turmeric has a wonderful versatile root and used since ancients as medicine.
It nourishes your skin from within and improves its tonal value which makes your skin healthier, blemish-free and beautiful. It prevents and cures skin infections, inflammation, blemishes, wounds, rashes, pimples, boils, dermatitis, allergic eruption and other skin disorders.

All Vicco products are Vegan and Cruelty-free.

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Weight 60 g

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    Please share manufacturing and expiry date of product

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